🎯3D Targets Sports Archery Foam Archery Target Skunk
🎯3D Targets Sports Archery Foam Archery Target Skunk
🎯3D Targets Sports Archery Foam Archery Target Skunk
🎯3D Targets Sports Archery Foam Archery Target Skunk
🎯3D Targets Sports Archery Foam Archery Target Skunk

🎯3D Targets Sports Archery Foam Archery Target Skunk

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                                             What's inside the package?
                                                   1 x Foam Archery Target Skunk
                                                   2 x Steel Nails

🎯【Sturdy and Weather-Resistant Construction】
The 3D Skunk Archery Target is fashioned from high-impact PU foam material, providing robustness and resilience in all weather conditions.
The target is designed to resist rain and wind, guaranteeing durability and sustained performance.
It brings a combination of strength and longevity that ensures you'll get extended use out of your archery target no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw your way.

🎯【Ideal Tool for Practice】
Created for precision and endurance, the archery target lays a solid foundation for high-volume practice sessions.
It serves as an excellent tool for honing your skills, improving your aim, and enhancing your overall archery performance.
Practice makes perfect, and this target is the perfect companion to help sharpen your shooting proficiency.

🎯【Versatile Training Equipment】
The 3D Skunk Archery Target is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to outdoor training.
It's not only suitable for archery practice but also perfect for 3D target training, bow training, and backyard practice sessions.
It presents endless possibilities to refine your skills and make the most out of your archery practice sessions.

🎯【Lightweight and Portable Design】
Sporting a compact footprint and lightweight design, the 3D Skunk Archery Target makes portability a breeze.
It can fit into the trunk of your car effortlessly, enabling you to carry it to different locations for practice whenever you want.
Regardless of where your archery adventures take you, this convenient target will always be ready to go.

🎯【Realistic Animal Target】
The realistic, lifelike 3D skunk design boosts your practice sessions, providing you with a close-to-real-world simulation of shooting an actual target.
The sheer realism of size and detailing provides an immersive training experience.
It's more than just an archery target; it's a practical tool to enhance your skill at aiming at specific targets.

Dimensions: 40 x 46 x 16 cm (15.75" x 18" x 6.30")
Weight: 1489.5 g (3.28 lbs)

General Questions

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 How to find Draw Weight ?
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  • To do this the shooter being measured should stand with his/her back against the wall and measure the wingspan (tip-to-tip of the fingers).Make sure the palms are forward, not against the wall and that the shooter isn’t stretching.
  • When the measurement is found (in inches), divide that number by 2.5 and the resulting number will be proper draw length. For instance, my wingspan is 72.75 inches, so 72.75/2.5 is 29.1” and I shoot a 29” draw length.
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  • If you are left-handed, hold the bow with your right hand and draw the string back with your left hand. Left-handed bows are designed to be held in the right hand of the left-handed dominant archer.
 How can I protect  of my bow?
  •  AMEYXGS Archery recommends periodically applying a light coat of furniture paste wax rubbed on with a soft cloth.
  • Set up a warning sign of your own,Avoid loss and damage.
 Where should I store my Traditional /Wooden recurve bow?
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 My draw length is 29 inches. How does this effect my  bows weight?
  •  For every inch of draw length above or below 28 inches you add or subtract 2 pounds.
 How long can I leave my traditional bow strung?
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