What archery equipment to buy ?

What archery equipment to buy ?

The two most important bits of kit are your bow and your arrows. Seems obvious but worth pointing out. But other parts of your archery equipment can also be important, including the gear you need to keep you shooting.

The most important thing – Your Bow

The kind of bow you buy in some way depends on the bow style you intend to shoot. Within NFAS there are several bow styles and particular kit needed to shoot that style. For the purposes of this guide, we are going to focus on the two most likely styles you might pick coming out of one of our beginners’ courses. Today we introduce Traditional bowhunter(TB or TBH) and Barebows (BB)


Barebow style

Typically most people that shoot Barebow, will do so with an Olympic style, take down recurve bow, that has a metal or composite riser and ILF (International Limb Fitting) limbs made from laminates of wood, carbon, foam etc.

Recurve risers come in many sizes, typically from 15″ to 27″ and when paired with limbs that come in short, medium and long, produce bows that range in overall length from 58″ to 72″. For the best mix or performance and ease of use, longer bows are better.

For a man of average height, we’d suggest a 68″ bow made from a 25″ riser and medium limbs. Shorter people including average height women, we’d suggest a 66″ bow, made from a 23″ riser and medium limbs. You’ll also need an arrow rest and possibly a pressure button to get the best performance from the bow.

Note: You will probably upgrade your ILF limbs at some point and probably sooner rather than later, so we suggest you buy good but budget limbs for your first set.

 Arrow rests and pressure buttons

A cheap starter arrow rest, we suggest the ameyxgs archery Magnetic Rest&Pressure Button. 


Traditional Bowhunter style

TBH (officially TB) is the most flexible of styles, mainly due to the variety of bows you can use to shoot this style. Although only introduced as a style in 2018 it is becoming one of the largest styles in terms of participants due to the flexibility.

You can use any bow that isn’t a compound, (including English longbows, although we wouldn’t suggest you do) to shoot TBH. This includes Olympic Style takedown recurves as in BB, Wooden takedown recurves, one-piece wooden recurves, American flatbows, Horsebows (sometimes referred to as Asiatic).

What determines the style as TBH is that you must shoot off the self of the bow or your hand (not an arrow rest) and you must use carbon arrows fletched with feathers.

A large proportion of TBH shooters are using some kind of wooden traditional bow, be it one piece or takedown. They also tend to shoot shorter bows than in BB, normally between 58″ and 64″.

These bows are sometimes referred to as hunting bows as the shorter length makes them less cumbersome in woodland. Most of this type of bow will have either recurve or hybrid limbs. Hybrid limbs are a relatively new innovation and normally have a smoother draw cycle than recurves.










Alternatives to traditional all wooden bows

You can also shoot the same bow you’d use for BB as long as there is no button or arrow rest. Many brands make shorter length ILF bows classed as hunting bows.

There is also a halfway between version where you have a wooden ILF riser with ILF limbs which can be made of manmade materials or wood. This is far more uncommon as there is less choice of wooden ILF risers, but it’s worth checking out. Most manufacturers will make complete ILF bows or you can buy the riser and choose your own limbs. Typically these risers tend to be shorter ranging from 13″ up to 21″ but some also make 23″ and 25″ wooden risers.


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    I recieved the ameyxgs 30 lb recurve bow set for right/left handed. It came without instructions. I ordered from Walmart for $52.00. Could you send me instructions on how to assemble would be nice to know where all these little stick on black pieces go also I only received six of the twelve arrows. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Kathryn Brickley

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    I purchased th AME 1000 combo kit.it arrived without any manual or assembly instructions. Is it possible to download this information?

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    need help replacing rotatable arrow nocks from aluminum arrows purchased on amazon

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    I need instructions for the single lever sight.

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