What are the right archery finger tags for you?

The finger tab is one of the most important pieces of equipment in archery. It is your contact point to the string and will directly affect the way you shoot.

Going for the best archery finger tab not only provides an excellent feel but, will also last you a lifetime.

That said, here are some of the best archery finger tabs available in the market at different price points.

  1. Best Finger Tags for Beginner Archers:

AH4 Finger Tab Archery Competition Recurve Bow Protect ($ 9.9 free shipping)

       2. Best Finger Tags for Intermediate Archers:

AMEYXGS Archery AH2 Finger Guard Tab Protector Gear($ 16.99 free shipping)

Archery AH3 Finger Guard Protective Gear for Recurve Bow ($ 19 free shipping)

        3.Best Finger Tags for Advanced Archers:

Sanlida X10 X9 Finger Tab ( $30-$35 free shipping)


Many archers prefer to use gloves because of their simplicity and variety of material options. Some options are designed to completely cover the entire hand up to the wrist, while others on the market only cover three fingers and come with straps to secure the glove to the wrist.

The glove provides a soft and flexible surface for the action, protecting your fingertips from impact. They are often favored by hunters and field archers because they provide a quiet release and natural feel. Additionally, shooting gloves are comfortable to wear and provide warmth in cold weather.

    Best Finger Glove for  Archers:

 AMEYXGS Archery Glove and Archery Arm Guard Set ( $12 free shipping)

Archery Arm Guard + 3 Finger Glove Protective ($13.99-$16.99 free shipping)

AMEYXGS Archery Fingers Protector Recurve Bow Glove ($12.99 free shipping)


 Archery Tags vs. Archery Gloves: Which Is Right for You?

Both tags and gloves have their own advantages, so it's important to try both before deciding which one is right for you. If you are a traditional or target archer, the Tag may be a better choice for you due to its consistent and precise release. If you are a hunter or field archer, a glove may be a better choice due to its natural feel and quiet release. If you are a beginner archer, the rule of thumb is to try shooting an arrow or two with both options to see which one works best for you. It’s also important to consider your budget and the type of weather you’ll be shooting in.

In summary, when deciding between tabs or gloves, it's important to consider your shooting style, preference, tension, and comfort. The ultimate goal is to protect your fingers while providing consistent and precise string release. Try shooting with both options, test and find out which one you prefer, and make sure you use the one that best suits your shooting style and gives you the best results and most comfortable archery experience.

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