Arrow Selection Guide

Arrow Types.
There are arrows made of Fibreglass, Carbonfibre, Aluminium, Wood, Bamboo,and Aluminium&Carbon Composite.

Which one to choose? Here is a brief guide to what most people use and why.

Fibreglass: Robust but heavy: Will take a lot of knocks. Usually used at the Leisure end of archery.

Recommend The, AMEYXGS Archery 6mm Fibreglass Arrows for Beginner Training

                           AMEYXGS Archery 8mm Fibreglass Arrows(Orange) for Fishing

                                                     AMEYXGS Fishing Fibreglass Arrow(Black) Target Hunting

                                                         Fishing Fibreglass Arrow (White)

Carbon :The king of cost performance:They are sturdy, accurate, and affordable. Available in a variety of sizes to fit almost any size archer Carbon arrows are the most popular choice when starting out with your first bow and when shooting short to medium range.

Recommend The,SHARROW Archery 100% carbon arrows spine 700/800/900/1000 

                              SHARROW Archery 4.2mm carbon arrows for target

                             SHAROW ArcheryCarbon Arrow Hunting Practice Arrows

Aluminium: Made from light weight tubing: These make a very good reliable and relatively easy to use arrow for shooting at the short and middle distances outdoors.  

Recommend The,AMEYXGS Archery excellent entry level Aluminium arrow with turkey feather

Once you are shooting 70m, 90mor 100 yards or more then you should probably think about Carbon Arrows .

Wood&Bamboo:All of our arrows are handmade. If you require a different color scheme(turkey feather), your arrows can be customized to suit your needs and preferences.

Recommend The,AMEYXGS Archery Traditional Bow Wooden Arrow

                             AMEYXGS Archery Wooden Arrows with broadheads

                           AMEYXGS Archery Traditional bow Bamboo Arrows

                           AMEYXGS Archery Traditional Flu Flu Bamboo Arrows
Carbon Arrows and Carbon&Aluminium Composite:Light yet stiff, which means they go further and are more precise. All the way up to the top models of aluminum/carbon composites used extensively in the World Championships and Olympic Games.


                               PANDARUS ELITE XT 3.2MM CARBON & ALUMINUM

                                 PANDARUS ELITE 3.2MM CARBON & ALUMINUM


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