The Benefits of Archery

Archery is an effective means of physical exercise, and science is engaged in the archery, often can promote human body to produce a good change, not only can enhance the shoulder, arm, waist and leg strength, can also be developed chest, the back muscles, perception, exercise improve concentration, to work and study will play a positive role.  Can also test people's willpower, cultivate people's indomitable, resolute, brave enough to overcome difficulties will quality.  


Regular participation in archery activities can promote the development of motor organs, strengthen metabolism, improve the blood supply of bones, make bones stronger and stronger, and improve the resistance and support ability of bones, so as to enhance the structure and performance of bones.  Also can make muscle fiber coarser, muscle volume increases, muscle contraction ability significantly improved.  Due to the increase in blood supply, muscles are able to absorb and store nutrients such as protein.  Through systematic training can also make the cortical excitement and inhibition process more concentrated, improve the nervous system to muscle control ability, specific performance in the muscle response speed, accuracy and coordination have been improved.  


All activities of the human body need a certain amount of energy, energy is generated in the process of metabolism of substances in the body. In the process of metabolism, oxygen is constantly consumed to oxidize energy substances (sugar, fat, protein), so as to release energy to supply the needs of various organ activities.  In the process of aiming and releasing the archery, in order to keep the stable and static state of the bow body, especially to control the frequency and depth of breathing, which has a good effect on the development of respiratory skills. First, it increases the lung capacity and the range of motion of the chest.  The second is to make breathing deep and slow, so that the respiratory organs have more time to rest, not easy fatigue, also won't because of mild exercise and asthma.  Therefore, regular participation in archery exercise is of great benefit to the improvement of respiratory function.  


Archery is composed of several technical movements, and the body perception is also involved in the completion of the movement, especially the space perception ability of muscles.  The action of archery requires gentle force with firmness.  Dozens of pounds of bow can not be pulled with force, but to gently pull the bow full, full after opening the body to be as steady as Mount Tai, the whole body evenly without stiffness.  These need the body to complete some more difficult and complex actions than daily life, so that the central nervous system quickly mobilize and play the function of the organ system, so as to coordinate and adapt to the requirements of muscle activity.  Therefore, regular participation in archery can improve the working ability of nerve cells in the brain, improve the excitability and flexibility of the nervous system, and respond more quickly and accurately to external stimuli.  


Because archery is a combination of several movements, it only takes a few seconds or more to shoot the arrow from the archer's bow.  Therefore, regular participation in archery can improve the archer's speed of action, reaction speed and displacement speed in periodic motion.  Endurance is the body's ability to maintain muscle activity for long periods of time. It can also be interpreted as the body's ability to fight fatigue and recover quickly from fatigue.  Archery is characterized by its long duration and high number of repetitions.  Therefore, regular archery training can improve strength endurance, speed endurance, breathing endurance and so on

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