Is Your Archery Posture Correct?

First, from the torso to the head to the limbs.
1. Trunk: Do not push the hip bones toward the target, tighten the core, use a little force on the gluteus maximus, do not lift the buttocks (do not lean forward the pelvis), and keep the trunk straight.

Don't hold your chest, hold your chest slightly, and press your ribs tight.
2. Head: Turning the head is not enough, turn more, close to the face of the target. Lower limbs: The novice should try to stand in parallel, with feet parallel and shoulder-width apart.
3. Upper extremity-push the bow arm: do not shrug the shoulder of the bow arm. The lower trapezius muscle needs to force the scapula to pull down, the shoulder joint rotates inward, and the deltoid muscle that was originally rushing backward is rotated to the rush to let the humerus fall in Shoulder joint ball socket, strengthen support.
Push the bow arm and rotate the arm straight, straight and not locked, and the elbow socket is rotated from the punch up to the front of the body. On the one hand, it can prevent the arm from hitting, and more importantly, the bones are aligned and strengthened. The thenar pushes the bow, the fingers do not exert force, the forearm muscles should be relaxed as much as possible
4. Upper limb-bow arm: use the back muscles in the later stage of the bow to minimize the force of the arm muscles and raise the elbow slightly. Try to relax the hook and forearms. The back of the hand should be flat when viewed from above. Imagine that your fingers are small hooks and your palms and forearms are ropes.

The Mediterranean three fingers hook the string and put the little finger behind. Leaning point is under the chin. Every time you lean firmly, your head turn and the back position is equivalent to the rear sight of a firearm. Keep your movements consistent and shoot ! great! Hit the bullseye !

You quickly pick up your bow and arrow and try archery. How effective is it?

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