Easton has added SONIC 6.0 in a NEW Match Grade .001” specification for bowhunters looking for added accuracy and highest quality.

The SONIC 6.0 made a big splash with bowhunters last year as a brand-new shaft platform in the Easton made-in-USA lineup, replacing Easton’s popular Hexx with a stronger, totally Made in USA engineered carbon shaft. SONIC’s lighter overall mass weight offers a wider range of arrow build options.

Sonic allows archers the option of a lightweight, high velocity setup using the factory-included aluminum inserts, or they may choose the high-FOC, momentum-producing brass inserts, sold separately.

Built at Easton’s Salt Lake City, Utah facility using Easton’s seamless Acu-Carbon process, SONIC 6.0 shafts offer the utmost in matched weight and spine from shaft to shaft, 360º around the shaft, and from dozen to dozen.

This superior spine and weight consistency boosts accuracy and shooter confidence, resulting in more success in the field.

SONIC 6.0 features another accuracy-building first; factory-fletched helical that uses a 2” Blazer vane, for out-of-the-box broadhead accuracy.

The SONIC 6.0 Match Grade is available in six spines (250, 300, 340, 400, 500, and 600) providing an option for nearly every bowhunting setup. 6mm nocks are pre-installed, and Easton’s precision ST inserts are included.

Heavy FOC brass inserts are available and sold separately.

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