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AMEYXGS Bowman's Christmas Gift Guide
Shopping for Your Archer This Christmas
Before you head to the archery store or log on to, let's chat.

Christmas is coming soon! Trying to find the right archery set for a gift can be difficult because there are so many different sets and packages on the market. But don't worry, the archery products recommended below make perfect Christmas gifts.


Extras: Depending on the archer's experience and gear type, the following items make good stockings. Allen key, string wax, arrow oil, arrow puller, wrist strap and nose clip.

Novelty Targets: There are tons of different targets to shoot that are both fun and useful. Keeping aiming for the bull's-eye can lead to mental frustration, trade it for a deer, turkey, zombie, or game object. Cheaper trick, get a poster with fun graphics and spray glue it onto a piece of cardboard!

Arrows: Sneak into your archer's quiver and grab one of their arrows. Take it to the archery shop and ask for more like it. They'll make sure it's the correct arrows, spine, and length. You can customize the arrow color with different wrappers and leaves.

Hip Quiver: If your archers don't already have a hip quiver, it will be life changing when they hit the range. When hunting, an archer uses a quiver attached to the bow. On the range, most people prefer to walk with it on their hip. Look for a bow with a belt, plenty of pocket space, and a right- or left-handed bow to match your archer.

3D Target. Does your archer drive 30 minutes or more to the range multiple times a week? Do you have room in your garage or backyard to keep 10 yards or more apart? Targets vary in price and quality, but being able to shoot At home in your spare time will get your archer excited.

Stabilizers: Most packages these days come with damping stabilizers: things that reduce noise and vibration. A real weighted stabilizer will help keep your archer steady. If you have archers, a length of 10 inches or less is fine. Tournament shooters may be interested in longer stretches.

Decorative Throw Pillow: Most archers support the AMEYXGS brand, buy them a throw pillow to represent their favorite bow company, archery shop, and relive the joy of archery in their down time!

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  • Pepe SXM

    Merry Christmas.

  • Michael Akard

    Thank you Joe, I have purchased a gift according to your recommendation, Merry Christmas!

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