BLACKHUNTER Traditional Recurve Bow

A classic is something that can stand the test of time. Black Hunter,Nice choice of starter bow! Some of us that have been shooting .
What you need to do after getting a new recurve bow:

Brace Height
Your bow will have a recommended brace height. Brace height is the distance form the lowest part of your riser (handle) to the string. They are usually in a range, e.g. 8″ to 8.5″. For shorter draw lengths the recommendation is to go to the higher end of the recommendation, for long draw weights, especially when going to the maximum recommended draw length, you want to set your bow to the lower end.

To make your string shorter add more twists in the existing twist direction. To make your string longer untwist your string. You may want to count how many twists you have made to better gauge the perfect brace height.

Wax, wax, wax!
Once you have set the correct brace height give your string a very good wax. This will bind the strands and reduce fraying. Wax melts when the string moves and acts as a lubrication between the fibers.

Shooting in your string
New strings will stretch initially. Re-check your brace height every hundred of shots for the first 500 shots or so. Regularly re-check your brace height, especially if you tend to take the string of completely, e.g. for take-down bows.

If your brace height is too low you risk damaging your bow and the string may hit your armguard or even wrist. If the brace height is to high you can also damage your bow and you risk stacking much earlier than normal.

Recommended Equipment:
Bow and string
Bow stringer
Bow square
Bow brace height recommendations
Bow wax

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