Archery Wood Grain Pure Carbon Arrow SP340-600 Turkey Feather


Item name: archery carbon arrows
Shaft material: Pure carbon
Outer diameter: 7.45mm-SP340   7.2mm-SP400   7.1mm-SP500  7.0mm-SP600  
Inter diameter: 6.2mm
Arrows head: 100grain
Fletching: 4inch turkey feather
Weight: 24.2g-SP340   21.7g-SP400   21.6g-SP500  18.8g-SP600  
Total length: 83cm/32.6Inch
Shaft length: 31Inch
Package include: 12pcs archery carbon arrows

  • High quality archery carbon arrows for hunting recurve bow compound cow or longbows.
  • This arrows are made of high quality material, extraordinary durability and arrows will not easy splinter.
  • The arrow tips are removable, perfect for target practice and outdoor shooting.
  • Arrow fletches is pure feather, smooth and does not hurt the hand.

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