To improve archery you have to spend a lot of time until you develop the skills that archers need to make better shots.

For a good archer, there are times when it is necessary to shoot many arrows per session in order to improve and better prepare for the competition. However, a well-rounded athlete needs to improve in other equally important areas. Therefore, sometimes it is convenient to change the parameters of a session with specific exercises, diverting attention from the goal during practice.

Many archers use various strength, control, and concentration programs to teach specific skills. Here are some exercises to train the bow without shooting arrows.

Before each shooting session, the archer should warm up well and strengthen his muscles. This reduces the risk of injury and ensures that the archer is effective from the first arrow. There are many solutions, such as the correct use of elastics.

A good warm-up lasts between 10 and 20 minutes. It consists of 4 phases:

1st phase 5 minutes: a small jump with the elastic rope will be enough.
2nd phase 2 to 5 minutes: stretching exercises
3rd phase 2 to 5 minutes: strengthening and protecting muscles
With an elastic band, perform two sets of 10 repetitions of two randomly chosen exercises (followed by one exercise without the band). It is recommended to gradually increase the number of sets and repetitions as you progress, each time choosing different exercises.

4th phase: shooting without arrow
Focus on technique (posture, positioning and movement) and perform 20 simulated bungee shots. If necessary, you can gradually increase the resistance of the elastic rope while performing these simulations.

A good physical condition requires preparation over time. In this case, there are several phases of training, and each has a specific goal. Among them are:

As in other sports, improving physical fitness is just as important in archery. What better way to work cardio, lungs, legs and balance strength than running.

First of all, you have to define the muscles that need to be developed. Archery requires good training of the bow arms. To do this, you need to strengthen the shoulders, back and arms with resistance bands or elastic bands or dumbbells, elastic ropes (shoulder belt, back, lower back).

You can use the simulated archery with a training bow or other accessories specially designed for this purpose. If not, there is always the archery session. In this case, you should ask your coach for advice to achieve maximum effectiveness.

This step is intended to facilitate the execution of the gesture and its accuracy. To do this, you can, for example :

Work with the clubs in a safe space for the shoulders,
Do exercises for the trunk, fingers.

Tip: For effective training (accuracy of movements, endurance, etc.), consider organizing your calendar to work on physical fitness outside of competition periods. During this period, work focused exclusively on strength training should be reduced and gradually replaced by specific work.

In order for the archer to reach the state of flow or peak flow, in addition to being assiduous in physical training, mental preparation must also be worked on. This is in order to be able to withstand the stress and fatigue caused by the complex, repeated and extremely precise sequences of movements during training sessions and competitions that you have to attend. Therefore, in order to become a successful athlete, the archer must develop confidence and self-control, be fully engaged, motivated, focused, but above all, be patient.

In addition to training with a trainer, you can practice exercises at home to perfect your mental training. But it must be borne in mind that true mental coaching must adapt to the blocking of each athlete. This is not a brainwashing or a training program that is blindly applied to each person.

In general, mental preparation is based on a few concepts, including:

  • Goal setting;
  • Relaxation;
  • Concentration;

To practice archery safely and without neglecting the development of coordination of movements, balance, endurance and concentration, opt for virtual archery. The advantage of this type of equipment is its adaptability to all ages by adjusting its resistance (from 10 to 70 pounds).


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