Archery: An Ideal Sport for Children

Summer is here, and you are looking for a sporting activity to entertain the family during the holidays? Archery is “THE” answer that will appeal to young and old alike.


Are you looking for an activity where you can have a good time with the family? Surprise them! Archery often appeals to children with reference to “Robin Hood” or “Rebel”. You'll see that you just have to say the words "bow and arrow" and they'll come running. It's magic.

As well as being a fun activity for the family, it's an ideal sport to help your children focus their attention on an objective: hitting the target. To do it, they will need to concentrate, have patience, whilst also having a good stance.

It will target the muscles in their back, shoulders, abs and arms. Finger, arm and shoulder tendons are also put to the test, making archery an all-round sport.



This discipline helps to develop good coordination, balance and self-confidence.  

 As an added bonus, as well as becoming a budding archer, they will become mental arithmetic champions. You will have understood that archery is a sport that combines self-control, balance, as well as great ploy for having a good time with the kids. A really stress relieving sport.

Ideal age to start?

The "little ones" love shooting bows and arrows just like mom and dad, making you proud.

Beyond simply imitating you, they can be filmed in your company and under your supervision from ages 3-7.

From the age of 3-7, your child actually has enough body balance and strength to draw a bow.
This allows the bow's draw weight to fit their forearm so they can shoot correctly. "Because you need a little strength" to draw the bow string correctly. It also requires a bit of patience, and the ability to focus on hitting the target.

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