AMEYXGS Handmade Custom Bowstrings

You can contact me for handmade custom bowstrings, recurve bows, compound bows, and replacement strings for crossbows!(We can customize for you)

When selecting the desired string length:
Remember that the AMO "is the length of your BOW.
The actual length is 4 "shorter than the specified amo".

62" bow (actual Bowstring length about 58'')

66" bow (actual Bowstring length about 62'')

68" bow (actual Bowstring length about 64'')

70" bow (actual Bowstring length about 66'')

When selecting the number of strands, note the following: The fewer strands, the softer the recording.
However, the harder you shoot, the more threads your string will need.

Look ,A variety of colors and sizes for you to choose


What your favorite bowstring colors represent

Did you know that colors symbolize different feelings and have various meanings across cultures? That’s right. Let’s take a look at some of the most common colors and what they represent.


  • What red represents: Red is the color of blood and fire and sometimes represents energy, strength, power, determination, passion, desire, and love. It is a very intense color that enhances the metabolism, increases breathing, heart rates, and blood pressure. It is a very bold, visible color, which is why it is the color of stop lights, stop signs, and fire-fighting equipment. In heraldry, the color is used to symbolize courage and many national flags feature the color red.


  • What white represents: White represents light, goodness, purity, innocence, and perfection. It is associated with cleanliness. In contrast to black, white typically is positive in connotation. White is depicted in heraldry as representing faith and purity. White is used in advertising to represent coolness and cleanliness. It is the color of snow. It can be used to suggest simplicity and safert.


  • What yellow represents: Yellow is the color of sunshine, happiness, energy, and the intellect. It is a warm color that is associated with cheerfulness, stimulates the brain, and produces muscle energy. Yellow is used to evoke pleasant, cheerful feelings and is a highly visible color used for highlighting.


  • What green represents: Green symbolizes nature. It represents growth, peace, fertility, and freshness. It is said to have great healing powers and is seen as the most restful color. Sometimes green represents inexperience or immaturity. Dull, darker shades of green are often associated with money and the world of finances.


  • What orange represents: A combination of the energy of red and the joy of yellow, orange is associated with joy, the sun, and the tropics. It represents enthusiasm, creativity, happiness, determination, success, attraction, and stimulation. THe human eye perceives orange as a color of heat. However, orange is not as bold as red. Orange also increases oxygen flow to our brains, invigorates us, and stimulates our minds.

Bowstrings from AMEYXGS archery BowStrings can be purchased in all of these colors and more.

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  • ildelbert cristobal

    I need a custom hand made crossbow string&split cables for x force blade crossbow 20249

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