General Questions

 🎯I’ve never shot a bow before but want to get started. What should I do?

We recommend visiting a local archery shop for assistance. A competent pro shop can ensure the bow fits you properly. They can also assist with tuning and basic lessons to get you going in the right direction.

 🎯How can I protect the finish of my bow?

AMEYXGS Archery recommends periodically applying a light coat of furniture paste wax rubbed on with a soft cloth.

 🎯Where should I store my traditional bow?

All traditional bows should be stored in a climate-controlled environment. If left in a humid or frigid environment, you risk warping of the bow.

 🎯My draw length is 29 inches. How does this effect my traditional bows weight?

For every inch of draw length above or below 28 inches you add or subtract 2 pounds.

 🎯How long can I leave my traditional bow strung?

Your bow may be strung for up to a week. Any longer and the string should be removed. Your bow should also be hung horizontally to ensure the tips are not damaged.