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Welcome to the NEW AMEYXGS Archery Dealer !

Ameyxgs archery develops the global archery community by providing dealers with business tools and strategies to promote archery in local communities. Ameyxgs archery supply dealers are invited to shop on the exclusive dealer website, which provides competitive prices for the broadest and deepest inventory in the archery industry. Comprehensive technical support and regular updates of new product information are available.

-Interested in becoming a AMEYXGS Archery Supply Dealer?
Contact my email and explain your basic situation.
I will give you an application form, fill it out and send it to me. After 1-3 days of review, if it meets our requirements, I will give you permission to become our agent. I look forward to having a relationship with you

Congratulations, my partner! Please contact us to update the latest prices and enjoy new products~