Stock Bows or Customize Your Own Recurve Bow?

Want to experience it now? Just click and have your new bow on the way. Our pre-built, off-the-shelf bows are carefully designed by AMEYXGS Archery to ensure optimal appearance and shooting performance, including recurves and longbows.

Advantages of buying a ready-made bow:

What you see is what you get: Stock bow photos showcase the unique features of the actual bow, taking the guesswork out of selection.
Eliminate selection difficulties: Off-the-shelf bows eliminate the complexity of custom designs, making selection quick and easy.
Limited Specialty Woods: Purchase bows made from unique or limited edition woods that may no longer be available.
First release: Before a new model is released globally, it will be "soft-launched" on the spot bow page.
Special Offers and Discounts: We offer occasional price reductions and clear discounts on purchasing stock bows.
Instant Gratification: Usually shipped the same day, buy a bow today and have it ready to go this weekend.
custom bow

Can't find the right off-the-shelf bow? Want to leave a family heirloom for future generations? Or want a bow that suits your personal needs? Whatever your motivation, we're happy to help you design your ideal bow.

Custom bow design options:

Optimum configuration: Choose from a variety of lengths, weights and models to find the one that's right for you.
Exotic Handle Woods: We offer high quality, beautiful exotic handle woods.
Trim Details: Trim options like center stripes and overlays.
Performance enhancement: Linn-based phenolic resin (more mass = more stability).
Continuously updated finishes: Provide a unique look.
Unique Limb Attachment System: Our two-bolt design ensures superior alignment, or a tool-free performance-enhancing system.

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