AMEYXGS Archery Tactical Folding Survival Recurve Bow Left /Right Hand
AMEYXGS Archery Tactical Folding Survival Recurve Bow Left /Right Hand
AMEYXGS Archery Tactical Folding Survival Recurve Bow Left /Right Hand
AMEYXGS Archery Tactical Folding Survival Recurve Bow Left /Right Hand
AMEYXGS Archery Tactical Folding Survival Recurve Bow Left /Right Hand
AMEYXGS Archery Tactical Folding Survival Recurve Bow Left /Right Hand
AMEYXGS Archery Tactical Folding Survival Recurve Bow Left /Right Hand

AMEYXGS Archery Tactical Folding Survival Recurve Bow Left /Right Hand

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AMEYXGS Folding Survival Compound Bow - Professional Outdoor Equipment First Choice!

  •  The bow employs a novel compact folding system design which allows for a quick conversion from folded storage mode to a weapons-ready state. With arrow speeds topping 200fps this is the perfect silent weapon for where firearms and more bulky bows cannot be used or easily carried.
  •   It can be converted from left hand to right hand, and no special tools . Comes with a black bag that can be worn as a arrow quiver , The AMEYXGS Archery Survival Bow is your best choice.

What you get in package?
1 x  AMEYXGS Folding Survival Bow 
1 x  Bow String
1 x  Arrow Rest To Initial ( RH/LH)
1 x Black Bag
1 x Arm Guard
12 x Carbon Arrows

A 3 month original owner's warranty as per our warranty conditions (Bow only)

            Technical Information:
Name : Modern Folding Bow
Draw Weight : 45 pounds at 28 inch draw 
Maximum Draw Length : 31 inches
Bow Length :60 inches (strung), 24.3(inches folded/stored)
Brace Height : 7-8 inches 
Arrows speed : Up to 200 ft/s for 45 pound 
String : B50 Dacron 14 Strand Endless Loop only
Bag : Black carry Bag with adjustable straps 
Net Weight : 1kg (2.2 pounds)
Material:Aerospace Grade T6 Aluminum & Composites
We hope you enjoy the product and trust that it will give you many years of trusted service in the field.

General Questions

I am a Beginner, How should I choose my First Compound Bow?
  •  First of all, here is a basic introduction to compound bows to help you get started quickly. In addition, we recommend 3 models suitable for beginners.
  • Follow the blog, We can also assist with tuning and basic lessons to get you going in the right direction.
 How to find Draw Weight ?
  • Archery draw weight plays a crucial role in the performance of a bow. It affects not only the speed and power of the arrow, but also the accuracy of the shot.The right draw weight for you will depend on your personal strength and experience level.
 How to chooce right arrows for my bow ?

Matching your arrows to your bow is a critical aspect of archery that should not be overlooked. It ensures your safety, accuracy, consistency, and overall shooting performance. now chooce right arrow for you bow -check this blog.

 How do i should sure fitting Draw Length?
  • For almost all shooters, Have very accurate and the most simple route-only requires a tape measure and a calculator.
  • To do this the shooter being measured should stand with his/her back against the wall and measure the wingspan (tip-to-tip of the fingers).Make sure the palms are forward, not against the wall and that the shooter isn’t stretching.
  • When the measurement is found (in inches), divide that number by 2.5 and the resulting number will be proper draw length. For instance, my wingspan is 72.75 inches, so 72.75/2.5 is 29.1” and I shoot a 29” draw length.
 How Selection Arrow Type Guide?
  • First you need to know the basics of arrow selection and recommendations to find the best option for you.
    Please refer to this blog:Arrow Selection Guide

 How to judge the quality of carbon arrows?
 What should I do if I want my arrow to be shorter?
  • AMEYXGS Archery Have arrow cutters for sale, you can check to this blog Chooce:HOW TO CUT ARROWS ?
  • In addition, we also support cutting out the length you need for customers. You can get the length you need by contacting customer service via
 How do I should order a right-handed bow or a left-handed bow?
  • For most archers, the right hand is what we use most: the left hand holds the bow, and the right hand draws the string. Right-handed bows are designed to be held in the left hand of a right-handed dominant archer.
  • If you are left-handed, hold the bow with your right hand and draw the string back with your left hand. Left-handed bows are designed to be held in the right hand of the left-handed dominant archer.
 How can I protect  of my bow?
  •  AMEYXGS Archery recommends periodically applying a light coat of furniture paste wax rubbed on with a soft cloth.
  • Set up a warning sign of your own,Avoid loss and damage.
 Where should I store my Traditional /Wooden recurve bow?
  •  All bows should be stored in a climate-controlled environment. If left in a humid or frigid environment, you risk warping of the bow.
 My draw length is 29 inches. How does this effect my  bows weight?
  •  For every inch of draw length above or below 28 inches you add or subtract 2 pounds.
 How long can I leave my traditional bow strung?
  •  Your bow may be strung for up to a week. Any longer and the string should be removed. Your bow should also be hung horizontally to ensure the tips are not damaged.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This product was of the quality expected and the price was - relatively - fair.
I am happy with the product, and the service, and the delivery.
Good product. Good seller. YouTube video placeholder
Quality heavy-duty bow.

I purchased this bow from the company (they had it on sale).

This bow is a very well designed heavy-duty bow. I was quite surprised how light it is. I really love shooting with this bow. It shoots very well. I would highly recommend this bow.

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