100% Turkey Feather Carbon Arrows

12pcs Pure Turkey Feather Carbon Arrows
Material: Schaft Carbon; Steel arrowhead; Natural feather
Item Wight: 34g
Langth Standard: 30 inches
Arrowhead: 104grain steel
Fletchers: 5 inch natural feathers (2 red + 1 white)
Shaft: Carbon, 500 spine
OD: 7.86mm
ID: 6.22mm
Box contents:12 x carbon arrows
Accurate and Stable: The arrow shafts are made of carbon material. Good straightness can improve archery accuracy.
Arrowheads: The arrowheads are made of screwed steel, which can be exchanged for other screw heads.
Natural feather: The feather adopts streamlined design, which can reduce air drag and improve the flight performance of the arrow effectively.
Advantage: Carbon arrows are very suitable for the archer, especially the beginner target practice.



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