Must-Go Bowfishing Spots

Assuming you have some vacation time at your disposal right now, where do I go? That's a whole different thing. Big game hunting? Hunting elk with a bow and arrow in the West? Bow fishing in your own backyard?

Bow fishing is a great experience, and the sport offers a wealth of opportunities and unique goals. It's worth trying, here are a few bowdishing places where you can catch bigger fish!
  • Mississippi River,The Mississippi River is the granddaddy of all American waterways. It's impossible to pick a single best spot on the 2,320 miles of river. It can be honestly said that no matter where you hit the water on the Mississippi River, you come close to top-notch bow fishing. The further south you go, the larger and more treacherous the main channel becomes. This can be dangerous for the uninitiated, especially at night. Along the length of the river, look for calm eddies and coves where coarse fish accumulate.
  • Florida Gulf Coast,From the party capital of Panama City to the Keys, Florida's entire Gulf Coast offers excellent bow fishing opportunities. Sandy beaches, 80 degrees, palm trees and daiquiris sound good any time of year. For those of us who live north of the Mason-Dixon line, February is heaven. Abundant saltwater species, year-round fishing, and exquisite edible targets make Florida's Gulf Coast an ideal destination for shooting fish.
  • Illinois River in Peoria, Illinois,If you've never been in a river full of jumping chub, it's hard to really appreciate the spectacle. Watching it on TV doesn't do it justice. Twenty-pound fish fly over your head. If someone hits you, it hurts. Shooting these invasive species from the air is an absolute riot. You don't need a guide. Any boat with a motor will work. Get your marksman ready when you put the hammer on the throttle, as the silver streaks of the flying fish will soon be coming at you from every direction. Picking one out of the sky is difficult.
  • South Shore of Lake Michigan,The entire inland waters of the Great Lakes offer bow fishing opportunities. The south shore of Lake Michigan is warm, with long wading beaches and warm industrial areas, making it ideal for living. The steelworks stretch on the south shore is divided into fish-filled harbors and bays. Boats are best, but in accessible areas, it's possible to shoot from rock faces. Finding carp spawning in ankle-deep water in the scenic, wildlife-rich swamps of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is as close as barrel-shooting fish in the wild.
  • Louisiana Gulf Coast,Imagine traveling through a foot-deep swamp in a powerboat at 40 miles per hour. A log might let you swim with an alligator. The brackish backwaters of the Louisiana Estuary are the birthplace of expeditions and a variety of freshwater and saltwater bow fishing targets. Bowfishing is a popular sport in southern Louisiana, so it's easy to find an outfitter online. The wonders of an estuary adventure make this trip a must.
  • Time to start bowfishing
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